Learn how to harness the energies of your Personal Year + Month Cycles to make everything you envision a reality in 2023.
Created by Kaitlyn Kaerhart, celebrity numerologist and bestselling Penguin Randomhouse author of You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology, this masterclass will set you up for MAXIMUM POSSIBLE manifestation success.
Little-known to most, there ARE better and worse times to make your law of attraction efforts, and in just 30 minutes, you’ll discover where you should be focusing your attention and when to make your dreams come true more easily + fast.
After you understand the nature of your numerological cycle, what energies you’ll be experiencing in 2023, and how to make the most of them, we’ll spend some time setting goals + breaking them down into actionable plans, using a method I’ve tried, tested + proven to work!
Last but not least, at the end of the recording, you'll get to watch attendees' questions being answered by yours truly... so if you have any on your lips about manifestation, numerology (or some other esoteric practice), I’m pretty sure I've got you covered!

Every year has its own Universal Number (and energy) that we experience as a collective.

And every individual works through a personal year cycle— determined by their birth date—that sets specific themes for the year.

The themes are as follows:

Personal Year 1

new beginnings, independence, self, rebirth

Personal Year 2

balance, partnerships, patience, harmony, cooperation

Personal Year 3

communication, socializing, heart opening, celebration

Personal Year 4

foundations, work, breakthrough, challenges

Personal Year 5

relationship to freedom, change, sensuality, new experiences

Personal Year 6

love, relationships, healing, responsibility, home, family

Personal Year 7

introspection, singularly focused, spiritual awakenings, gathering knowledge

Personal Year 8

power, money, achievement

Personal Year 9

endings, reflection, death before rebirth

But wait – there’s more.

Within each Personal Year, there is also a MONTH cycle that represents the MINI-THEMES playing out within it:

When you know the nature of the Personal Year/Month cycle you’re in, you understand which areas of life are (and aren’t) going to be energetically supported at any given time.

Why swim against the current when you can catch a wave?

In this Numerological Manifestation Masterclass you will learn:

  • The energy we’re experiencing as a collective in 2023
  • How to calculate your Personal Year and Month numbers, and what themes will be playing out for you as an individual
  • The best (and worst) times for you to manifest love, money etc. so you can invest time + energy when you're most likely to get a return
  • How to chart your cycles so you have a record of what previous Personal Years and Months have looked like, making it easier to make predictions about (and prepare for) the future
  • The goal setting process I personally followed to achieve things like bagging a book deal with Penguin Randomhouse, hitting the 6 figure mark in my business and meeting the man of my dreams
  • ​The rituals + routines I’ve tried, tested and proven make your energy more magnetic, that you can use to attract the things you want

And more...

Kaitlyn Kaerhart is a world-renowned numerologist, astrologer and author with a long list of celebrity clients. She published her book, You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology, with Penguin Randomhouse in 2019 and within a week of its publication, it became an international bestseller. Besides bookstores, it's now sold in general merchandise retailers (like Target and Urban Outfitters), too.

Kaerhart is regularly featured by major publications (e.g. The Daily Mail, Bustle, MindBodyGreen and Medium). She has also appeared on the UK’s favorite daytime television program, This Morning, and has been interviewed on countless personal development podcasts, alongside the likes of Gabrielle Bernstein.

Although she reads for the stars, Kaerhart’s mission is to make esoteric philosophies and practices as accessible as possible. Among other things, she has co-created an oracle deck with a famed tarot artist, and offers affordable personality, talent and compatibility reports.

The law of attraction makes your dream life possible.

But combine it with numerology, and it becomes INEVITABLE.

Whether you want to:

  •  Find true love
  •  Excel in your career
  •  Make more money, or
  • ​Something even more exciting

Yo, you’re really gonna wanna watch this masterclass.

Not only does it include an in-depth training completely free of charge on how you can harness the energies of the Personal Year + Month  Cycles to make everything you envision a reality in 2023...

There's also a powerful goal setting session and a potent Q&A!

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