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What's inside the monthly readings?
Every Universal Year (for example, the year 2022) has its own Universal Number and energy that we are experiencing as a collective, while every individual is experiencing and working through their own Personal Year cycle, determined by their birth date. 

Within those Universal and Personal Year cycles, there are Universal and Personal Month cycles.

The year cycle is the macro, or the overarching theme and bigger picture, while each month within that year is the micro – the here and now. The month number plays off the year cycle and is a more specific description of what you may be experiencing during that time.

Month-on-month you will receive:
  • An update on the energy for the collective that month, given the Universal Year 6
  • An insight into what energies you can expect to experience *personally*, as a result of your cycle
  • The math to calculate your Personal Year in case you're ever unclear
  • Suggestions to make the most of the energy and use it to your advantage